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Wyndham House Surgery is committed to high quality, accessible, community based healthcare.  We are a friendly, healthy, hardworking, innovative team who share core values of empathy, trust and honesty, in a harmonious, supportive environment.

Rated “Outstanding” by the CQC (Dec 2015)


Covid Infection Prevention Measures

Wyndham House Surgery remains committed to routinely offering face to face appointments. However, given the rapid rise in Covid cases and the transmissibility of the Omicron Variant, we ask that, if you have flu like symptoms, a sore throat or a loss of taste or smell, the doctor or nurse telephones you first to assess whether it is appropriate for you to come into the surgery. Please mention any of these symptoms to the reception staff when you book.

Staff members will ask if you have any of these symptoms when you telephone for an appointment. 


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Covid Spring Booster Schedule

We delivered our advertised clinics over the last two weeks and vaccinated a large number of eligible patients. We have also visited about half of those unable to leave home and provided vaccination there. We will continue to visit housebound patients when we are allocated vaccines.

A number of patients were invited to attend but, for many reasons, were unable to make it. We will provide another opportunity to attend in the near future or you are able to access vaccinations at the centres in Tiverton or Greendale.

If you are  over 75 but weren’t invited, let us know and we’ll add you to our list. If you have a condition that has compromised your immune system but weren’t invited, let us know. We will have to confirm it with a clinician but then we’ll add you to our list.

Covid Spring Boosters for those immunosuppressed and/or over 75

We will soon be offering Covid booster vaccinations to any of our patients immunocompromised or over 75 tears old in order to enhance levels of protection given by previous vaccinations.

We will contact eligible patients by text message or e-mail to advise on dates and times that clinics will be held. If we don’t have your contact details please let us have them as soon as possible.

We are following our tried and tested programme of holding clinics in alphabetical blocks thus ensuring that numbers are evenly spread throughout a clinic. Clinic dates are 27th & 29th April and 4th & 5th May, all in the morning.

If you are unable to make your designated clinic, it is fine to attend a different one but you may have to wait a short while.