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Wyndham House Surgery is committed to high quality, accessible, community based healthcare.  We are a friendly, healthy, hardworking, innovative team who share core values of empathy, trust and honesty, in a harmonious, supportive environment.

Rated “Outstanding” by the CQC (Dec 2015)


Covid Infection Prevention Measures

Wyndham House Surgery remains committed to routinely offering face to face appointments. However, given the rapid rise in Covid cases and the transmissibility of the Omicron Variant, we ask that, if you have flu like symptoms, a sore throat or a loss of taste or smell, the doctor or nurse telephones you first to assess whether it is appropriate for you to come into the surgery. Please mention any of these symptoms to the reception staff when you book.

Staff members will ask if you have any of these symptoms when you telephone for an appointment.


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The guidance on the wearing of face coverings has changed


There is now no need to routinely wear a face covering in the surgery with the below exceptions.


  • If you have symptoms of respiratory illness, you may be asked to wear a face covering when seeing a clinician.
  • If a clinician is performing a procedure that requires particularly close contact, they may ask you to wear a face covering. They will also wear one themselves in these circumstances.

Surgery survey

Are you having a consultation with Doctors O’Brien, Solman or Burkill?

If so, after the appointment, please complete a survey questionnaire about how the visit went for you.

The questionnaires are located outside of the relevant clinicians room  and are personalised to each doctor.

On completion, seal it in the envelope and place it in the box in the middle of the waiting area.

All responses are confidential and will help us to improve our service to you