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Don’t cave in, spring out

Spring has arrived.  Daffodils, cherry blossom and lighter mornings all have a mood enhancing affect.  Suffering from the winter blues is a well recognized clinical phenomenon.  There are lots of theories as to why this cyclical mood pattern persists in a proportion of the population. One proposal is that there were evolutionary advantages of being more sedate and more withdrawn during periods when the weather was cold and the food supply was reduced.  Depressive symptoms can often be described as ‘withdrawing into a cave’ and I suspect this may have some real truth in it.  On reflection it is not surprising that behavioural patterns have survived through evolution.  So we should certainly grasp all the advantages of the new found energy and feel of invigoration that many of us experience at this time of year. 

Certainly at the surgery it is a time for new projects.  The most exciting and most visible of these is our new ‘Bertie’.  This is the car that delivers medication to housebound patients and for the last 12 years it has been the familiar light green Berlingo. However over this winter he started to suffer signs of old age.  In order to keep the service running the Friends of Wyndham House have bought a new blue ‘Bertie’ who many will have already seen motoring around the lanes.  We are indebted to the Friends for funding this amazing service that delivers so much more than medication. Our wonderful volunteer drivers make contact with our elderly more frail patients at least once a month and there are weekly deliveries for those on more complex medications.  This acts as a close liaison between the surgery and our most vulnerable.  The value of social contact, a quick ‘Hello, how are you doing’ has enormous power and positive effects.  It often is the stimulus that nudges those who find themselves in a ‘cave’ towards the entrance. Life is so much better when they can see what is passing by.  The Friends Befriending Service is also staffed by volunteers who are keen to support anyone who needs help to venture further. Trish Jones, the Friends Wellbeing Coordinator, runs this service and if you think you, a friend, or a relative might benefit please do contact Trish directly (0748 437 7289 silverwellbeing@gmail.com)

So Spring is a great time to try something new, develop new friendships, take up new hobbies, get out of our ‘caves’ (we all have one) whether deep or shallow. Jump up, get out and light a metaphorical fire somewhere that will warm yourself and everyone passing by.  All social interactions endue a sense of wellbeing and, as I have written many times before, we underestimate the health giving power of community and connection at our peril.  Cavemen knew a thing or two about surviving and making the most of what was around them.

Anthony O’Brien

Parish Magazine article April 2019