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Re-Starting the New Parents Support Group

We are very pleased to announce that the New Parents Support Group, which was suspended due to the Covid restrictions, is now in a position to re-commence

Vaccination information for those patients over 70 or Shielding

April Parish Magazine Article

“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.”

The Covid-19 vaccination programme continues to run very successfully.  Everyone over 50 years old and all the clinically vulnerable have had their first dose.  We will be starting second doses of vaccines on Sunday April 11th.  If you received your first dose at College Surgery in Cullompton your second dose will also be there.  We are planning on mirroring the day and time of your first injection.  If you came on Sunday 17th Jan your second dose will be Sunday 11th April, at the same time as the first.  Likewise, Wednesday 20th January corresponds with Wednesday 14th April.  We will be sending letters out to patients confirming the date and time of their second dose.  Those patients who received their first dose at Wyndham House will get their second with us in Silverton and again you will be contacted about date and time.  All the vaccines delivered are recorded on a Government database and so, if in the future, the decision is made to issue some sort of vaccine passport, the Government will be able to do this centrally.  However, we will also be giving all patients some paperwork to certify they have received two doses of the vaccine.

Hopefully patients aged 18 – 50 years will start to be offered their first vaccine during April. College Surgery in Cullompton is going to continue to operate as a vaccination centre and this is most likely where Wyndham House patients will need to go.  Appointments will be offered via text message with the ability to book directly on-line as soon as you receive it.

We are currently reaping the rewards of a very high percentage take up of vaccine. The success of a vaccine programme is totally dependent on enough of the population participating in it and so this figure, combined with the high effectiveness of the vaccine, all bodes well for the UK.  However, it is very likely that we will all need a booster injection in the Autumn around the same time as the normal flu campaign.  Due to social distancing rules cases of flu this winter have been extremely rare.  The RD&E have swabbed all admitted patients and have had only 2 positive influenza results. This means that next winter will be very unpredictable; currently in Australia they have covid under control but are experiencing lots of flu outbreaks.  Persisting with well attended vaccine clinics is going to be required for some time.  “80% of success is showing up” said Woody Allen; he was making a joke, however, it is absolutely the case for everyone for any vaccine programme.

It is the nature of viruses that they will continue to alter and change however they also do not do well in summer when everyone is outside in warm sunny weather – so let’s profit over the next few months and bask in the success of the NHS Covid vaccine programme.

Dr Anthony O’Brien



COVID 19 Vaccine

Throughout the pandemic we have been working closely with College and Bramblehaies Surgeries in Cullompton and Blackdown Practice in Hemyock.  We will be using College Surgery as the delivery site for Pfizer Covid vaccines.  The logistics will be complicated but we are extremely confident that we will be able to vaccinate all our patients in a safe and timely manner.  There will be a short time frame for using each batch of vaccines and patients will be offered vaccination in a specified order.  It is likely that we will be asking for volunteers to help transport patients to Cullompton and marshal the clinics.  Hopefully we will be able to give the Astra Zeneca Oxford vaccine from the surgery and we will do this using the same protocol as per the Flu vaccines in September and October.

Regarding questions of vaccine safety:  it is important to remember the rules governing the introduction of a vaccine have not altered in any way.  All vaccines have to pass each testing stage and the numbers involved in the trials have been identical to any previous vaccine.  There have been no short cuts.  Recruitment to trials has been easy and so the large numbers needed have been achieved in a much shorter timespan than normal. As a result stages of the trials have been run in parallel rather than sequentially so speeding up the process. No vaccine will be released that is not considered safe. You will hear arguments that any new vaccine will not have been used for long enough to know whether it might have long term problems.  This is true but due to the nature of how vaccines work highly unlikely. Vaccines act by priming our own immune systems to work.  They are the equivalent of showing a photofit of a criminal to the police.  There are a variety of ways of doing this but ultimately the success of a vaccine is solely dependent on its ability to correctly pre-warn and arm our own body’s immune system.  They do this within the weeks after the vaccination and so side effects or problems are seen within this time period.  The benefits of a Covid vaccine for everyone will be enormous, the risk for each individual will be extremely low.

Cold or Covid and where does Flu fit

At the end of this document there is excellent guidance regarding different symptoms and actions required

Those who qualify for a Flu vaccine (all adults > 65 years old) and those < 65 years with at risk conditions (Cardiovascular, Respiratory Disease and Diabetes) the next Flu Clinic will be on Saturday morning 31st October – text and email invites going out very shortly.  Clinics will run according to alphabet division of slots as we ran for the > 65 yr patients.

Covid rules and Symptom checker – for children

Follow this link for a guide to parents regarding Covid symptoms and swabbing

There is also an excellent symptom checker to help everyone distinguisj between Flu, Cold and Covid symptms

New Registrar – Dr Ziyad Elgaid

We have a new registrar Dr Ziyad Elgaid. Dr Elgaid will be working with us through his final period of training and will be at the Surgery Monday, Tuesday & Thursday all day, and Friday Afternoons.

Raised in Glasgow and having graduated from the universities of St Andrews and Manchester in 2016 Dr Elgaid has worked as a junior doctor in London prior to starting GP training in Devon in 2018. He has worked in a variety of specialties including ENT, Opthalmology, Accident and Emergency, Renal Medicine and Vascular Surgery.

Outside of work, his interests lie in rambling across the moors, paddling, gardening and fishing. When he is not doing one of these activities, you can find him at home, cooking up a meal using his catch of the day.



Online contact with the surgery

Online contact with the surgery

Recently, most patient contact with GPs has been by phone or online. This has been a necessary consequence of the Covid-19 restrictions and helped the surgery to reduce footfall in the waiting room. However, not everyone is comfortable or familiar with remote consultations. Equally, there is a need to access other online arrangements from shopping to booking an eye test. Our Digital Social Prescriber – Joan Povey – is happy to make arrangements to guide people in the use of the internet and social media. Just let the staff at the surgery know and Joan will contact you.

National Patient Survey 2020

National Patient Survey 2020

Our thanks to all of our patients who responded to the survey, and were very complimentary about us.

Click here to access the full survey

Telephone consulting – top tips

The eConsult system is a great source of information and advice about common symptoms as well as another route to contact your GP. If you need to send us a photo this is the best route to use

Telephone consulting is more difficult for both patient and doctor so here are a few tips that can help us help you:

If there is a particular time of day that is easier for you to speak on the phone please let us know when you book the appointment.

If you have more than one problem to discuss please mention this at the beginning of the consultation.

If you need to speak to a GP about a non-clinical matter eg updating sick note, please, if possible, use the eConsultation option via our website.

If you are happy to use your mobile phone for a video consultation let us know when booking your appointment.

We encourage all our patients to see their own GP whenever possible as the continuity this produces enhances the clinical care we can give.  This is even more important with telephone consulting.  Our reception team will ask each patient when booking who they normally see and if they are happy to wait until that GP is next available; we encourage everyone to do so.  Of course, if you need to speak to a GP on the same day we will ensure this is the case.

Currently the system is working very well.  We are seeing all the patients that need to be examined or require blood tests. Referrals to the hospital are continuing normally. The waiting time to see a GP or nurse is the same as before Covid.