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Walk this way

Walk this way – Parish Magazine article September 2019

I have just returned from a walking holiday with my family in the Alps. We certainly expended a lot of calories walking on average 5 hours a day at an altitude of 2,500m between a range of mountain huts. In the evenings we ate a variety of lentil dishes (food was mostly transported in by helicopter) and played a lot of cards. We also chatted with fellow walkers until heading to bed early – there was no specific ‘lights out’ time as mostly there were no lights to turn out, electricity being a valuable resource in the mountains. We returned refreshed, reinvigorated and a couple of pounds lighter.

The holiday made me reflect once again on the power that walking has on so many aspects of our health. Joints, muscles, weight and balance are all optimized with regular bipedal activity and now new research has confirmed multiple other benefits as well. Walking alleviates the symptoms and stresses of our increasingly sedentary lives and it helps the intestines by keeping the bowels moving so reducing episodes of constipation. It also has a significant effect on the aging process within our brains with some research suggesting it might even reverse it. Recent studies have looked at Walk & Talk groups (exactly like the one run by walkingforhealth.org.uk meeting at 10.00 AM outside Silverton Millennium Hall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)) and have found that those participating develop more neural pathways, rather than slowly losing them. This all adds to previous research showing how walking can boost creativity, critical thinking and significantly raise our mood levels.

A few centuries ago Hippocrates wrote that walking was ‘the best medicine’ and there is now a mountain of evidence that he was on to something. Being able to walk on two feet and communicate verbally are probably the two most important features that make humans stand out in the animal kingdom. Exploiting and combining both as a way of protecting our health would seem to be relatively easy to achieve. It can also be incredibly enjoyable with the bonus that any distance at any age will be beneficial. Why not kill two birds with one stone next month by taking the added benefits of a stroll down to one of our Flu Clinics being held this year on the Saturday mornings of 5th & 26th October 9am – 12pm.

For more information about Silverton Walk & Talk go to the Wyndham House Surgery Website, pick up a leaflet at the surgery or contact Wellbeing coordinator Trish Jones on 0748 437 7289 or silverwellbeing@gmail.com

Anthony O’Brien, Wyndham House Surgery