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What about a nightcapsule?

What about a nightcapsule? Parish Magazine Article Feb 2020

For over thirty years Wyndham House has been involved in medical research work. In the 1990s we were part of the Devon Primary Care Research Group and were involved in several important studies that went on to win national recognition. Colin Greaves who worked with us then is now Professor of Psychology Applied to Health at Birmingham University and advises the Government on how to promote healthy lifestyles. We are now mostly involved in larger South West research projects and one of these hit the national press at the end of last year. This was a relatively simple study that asked the question ‘When is the best time to take your blood pressure medication?’ Many of our patients were enrolled in this massive study of almost 20,000 people. The study design was not complicated: those involved were divided into two groups, one to take their blood pressure tablets at bedtime, the other to take their blood pressure tablets on waking. The study ran for 6 years and the results were surprising. There was a significant difference between the two groups. There were a lot less cardiovascular events (heart attacks and strokes) in the bedtime dosing group. Those taking their tablets at bedtime had better blood pressure control, mostly due to a lower blood pressure when sleeping. So a simple small change can make a big difference. We will be encouraging everyone to start taking their blood pressure pills at bedtime and will be changing the instructions on patients’ medications over the next few months. If you are not sure which tablets are for blood pressure please ask us when picking up your next prescription.

Of course, more important than when you take the medication is that you actually take it. If you are likely to forget taking tablets at night then it is much better to stick to a regular morning regime as taking them is better than not taking them at all!

Anthony O’Brien