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That time of year again

That time of year again – Parish Magazine article October 2019

Prevention is better than cure is becoming the aphorism most associated with the future of the NHS and it is an approach that is paying off. Over the last 20 years GPs have controlled patients’ blood pressures more tightly and looked after diabetes more attentively. This is directly linked to the fall in the incidence of strokes and heart attacks. The next step is to lower the prevalence of these clinical conditions themselves by providing increased support for those who wish to make lifestyle changes. Of course the consequence of successful prevention is that we will live longer and this is bringing new challenges. As a result there has been a large increase in community medical staff and more support for carers. We are now focusing more on preventing falls, supporting patients with dementia and reducing the spread of infection. Influenza is one of these and the elderly are particularly at risk. With this in mind I urge you to put a date for the Flu Clinic in your diary. They will run in the same way as last year on Saturday mornings between 9am & 12pm. These are ‘Drop in’ Clinics so no need to book an appointment, just come along on the appropriate day. The first clinic will be on Saturday 5th October for all patients over 65 years. The second clinic will be on Saturday 26th October for those under 65 years with Diabetes, Asthma, and COPD plus those who could not make the first clinic. All carers also qualify for a vaccination. On both mornings tea and coffee will be served afterwards in Room4U. Children aged 2 – 4 years are welcome on either Saturday morning. All school age children will be vaccinated in their Primary School.

The benefits of as many people as possible having the flu vaccine are well documented. We know from multiple scientific studies that if we vaccinate enough people in our communities then the chance of the flu virus spreading decreases enormously. This of course effects everyone; the less people there are in hospital or in the surgery waiting room with temperatures, aches, pains, associated chest infections, pneumonias or worsening of their chronic conditions, the more the NHS can continue to provide excellent prompt care for everyone throughout the winter. This has been the case for the last couple of years but every year is separate as the flu strain changes annually. In studies very few people get side effects to the jab and anyway these are extremely mild compared to catching the flu. Hopefully we will see as many patients as possible in October and I would encourage those not eligible for an NHS jab to buy one (unfortunately NHS rules prevent us from supplying them to you). There is no cure for influenza so it is a clear case where prevention is the only option.

Dr Anthony O’Brien