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September Parish Magazine Article

Vaccination, vaccination, vaccination

In the last month I have attended several events that had been postponed due to Covid.  A wedding where young and old mixed and danced together. A family reunion where we celebrated significant birthdays missed due to the pandemic. The feeling of normality has been invigorating and refreshing. The success of the Covid vaccination programme is evident and it is likely that there will be an extension booster vaccine for the most vulnerable this winter.  Research is on-going and when the Government publish the details, we expect to be able to provide these vaccines from Wyndham House. However, prior to this we need to aim for the similar high percentage uptake of Flu vaccination that we achieved last year.

Last winter there was no influenza in Britain. The number of cases of Flu are measured by extrapolating from data collected both from GP practices and from swabs taken from patients when admitted to hospital.  Normally several thousand will test positive for flu when admitted to the RD&E with the secondary effects of the virus (eg pneumonia, dehydration, sepsis). Last year there were zero positive swabs. This was remarkable.  The strain of flu in circulation never got its foot in the door. However, this means that Flu could be a bigger problem than Covid-19 in the UK this winter; when flu has been circulating in very low numbers, immunity drops in the population, and it can come back to bite us.

Our flu vaccines will arrive at the end of September and our priority will be to vaccinate as many of our patients as early as possible. All our vaccination clinics over the last 12 months (there have been a few!) have run extremely smoothly and efficiently. We are very grateful to everyone for coming at the times requested and an enormous thank you to the Friends of Wyndham House marshals. We are planning for all clinics to run from Wyndham House so please keep your eyes out for your invitations which will come via text and email. Thanks to all those who help our more elderly patients come to the surgery and once again, as every year, please, please, have your jab – it has never been more important.

Although social distancing rules have been widely relaxed, we ask for your understanding of continuing to wear masks and keep distance in health care settings such as the surgery. The chance of carrying the virus and infecting someone who is vulnerable is much greater in these environments and can be countered by these measures. The surgery has been open and operating as near to normality as possible throughout the pandemic. We will continue to strive for this whilst optimising safety for all patients and staff.

I am looking forward to both another wedding and an 80th birthday celebration in September. I am sure conversations will involve positive discussions about Christmas plus me reminding everyone to get their Flu vaccine.

Dr Anthony O’Brien