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October Parish Magazine article

Ready, steady, and with very short notice …..Go

In the next 3 months we plan on giving everybody over 50 and all those 16 – 49 with underlying health conditions both a flu jab and a Covid booster.  I wrote about the importance of the flu jab last month and had hoped by the time you were reading this that we would have completed all our clinics.  However, our delivery was cancelled at the last minute and we are now standing by, awaiting delivery, with no date yet confirmed.  This is also going to be a similar story for the Covid boosters.  Throughout the Covid vaccination campaign the logistics of delivering the vaccines to vaccination centres has been the biggest challenge; this remains the case. We plan to cope with the variable deliveries by setting up a framework we can use whilst continuing with all the other work that we need to cover.

We will be providing Covid boosters 6 months after the second dose to all the patients who had their 1st and 2nd doses with us.  If you were vaccinated at one of the Mass Vaccination Centres (Taunton, Westpoint or Greendale) you will be offered your booster there.  We are planning to arrange vaccine appointments on Thursdays and this will hopefully be in the week, or week after, your 6 month time slot.  If you received your second Covid vaccine on April 17th you are likely to receive an invitation for your booster on the Thursday in the week containing the 17th October or the week after.  We will not be able to phone patients about booster jabs.  We will send letters to patients over 80 but everyone else will receive text and email invitations.  There will not be a specific appointment time as with the first Covid vaccines, but a time slot, as we have done for our flu clinics in the last few years.  Eg if your surname begins A – C you will be asked to come between 9 & 10, surname D – F, between 10 & 11 etc.

I think the booster campaign alongside the flu campaign will be very challenging but we will be working very hard to make it work as efficiently and smoothly as possible.  Please could I ask you not to ring the surgery about vaccination appointments.  We have comprehensive lists and will be continually checking we have not missed anyone.  Please trust in the maxim ‘Don’t call us, we’ll contact you’.  If everyone is ready to go at short notice, we have every confidence that using the above framework will be very successful.

Lastly, I need to clarify that we will not be giving both vaccines at the same time but will be running separate clinics for Covid and Flu. I therefore very much hope that I will be seeing a very large number of you at least twice before the end of December. It is not very often (if ever) you will hear a GP say that in October.

Anthony O’Brien

Wyndham House Surgery