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Wyndham House Surgery is committed to high quality, accessible, community based healthcare.  We are a friendly, healthy, hardworking, innovative team who share core values of empathy, trust and honesty, in a harmonious, supportive environment.

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Plan for Covid Booster and Seasonal Flu Clinics

Plan for scheduling our Covid Booster and Seasonal Flu clinics.

Covid Booster

As much as possible we are inviting patients in the order in which they received their 2nd Covid Vaccination. In order to ensure that the numbers of those attending are spread evenly through the clinics we are using an alphabetical system.

You may notice that the attendance slots do not run in strict alphabetical order – this is to ensure that the numbers invited match what we can achieve in each slot. Please try to attend in your designated slot – anytime during the slot is fine, it doesn’t have to be at the beginning. We will contact people by SMS (text) and/or e-mail to inform of the clinic. Those patients who have neither of the above will be sent a letter.

Seasonal Flu

We have three main groups eligible for the Flu vaccine – those 65 and over, people aged 50 and up to 64, and patients aged 16 to 49 with a long term underlying condition. We will try to invite people in the highest risk groups first (subject to vaccine availability). We will follow the same system as above but are unable to follow up with letters. There will be notices and posters up at the surgery informing of scheduled clinics together with announcements on our website and facebook page.