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November Parish Magazine article

Hands, Space, Face and Connect

As I write the mornings are dark and the evenings are drawing in.  However the last few days have been crisp and the leaves on the trees are a golden red and yellow that make my drive to work a mix of impressive shade and colour.  It is a time of change, a time to reflect, and a time to plan for the winter.  All of this of course mirrors where we currently are and I am afraid predicting where we are going would be foolhardy.

Over this winter connecting with as many people as possible, using whatever routes available, will be essential; a quick ‘Hello’ over the garden fence is just as important as a long Zoom call with a relative in Australia.  Making sure we all have as many avenues of communication as possible is really important.  The internet and computers are fully integrated into the lives of the majority of the population; everyone in my family gets withdrawal symptoms very quickly if the WiFi is out of action.  However, there is a large percentage of those over 65 who do not use computers, smart phones and iPads as much as they could.  With these in mind the surgery launched our Digital Social Prescribing Scheme at the beginning of this year led by Joan Povey.  The roll out was hampered by the lockdown however this has also led to many more people equipping themselves with new or updated electronic equipment over the summer. Joan is on hand to help you learn to get started or enhance your internet skills so you can do on-line shopping, order prescriptions, make video calls with family and friends and research all sorts of information. She is able to help anyone who lives in the local community even if they are not registered at Wyndham House Surgery. Her email is wyndhamsp@gmail.com or you can phone to leave your contact details at the reception in Wyndham House Surgery and she will give you a ring.  No matter how much or little you know, if you want to learn more please contact Joan – she is a wealth of information, a fantastic teacher and will find a way of helping you out.

It is entirely possible that a vaccination for Covid will start to be rolled out before Christmas however it is also far more certain that whatever the science produces we will be restricted in our socialising and normal activities until at least Spring and more probably the summer.  So, as winter comes, it is really important to stay distant, wash your hands as frequently as possible, wear masks and ensure you have made the connections with your family, your neighbours and your community as strong as possible.

Anthony O’Brien

Wyndham House Surgery