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December Parish Magazine article

Christmas Parti-cipation

Throughout the pandemic we have been working closely with College and Bramblehaies Surgeries in Cullompton and Blackdown Practice in Hemyock.  During November we have been making our plans for Covid vaccinations.  If vaccines are distributed in December we will be ready and we will be using College Surgery as the delivery site.  The logistics will be complicated but we are extremely confident that we will be able to vaccinate all our patients in a safe and timely manner.  There will be a short time frame for using each batch of vaccines and patients will be offered vaccination in a specified order.  It is likely that we will be asking for volunteers to help transport patients to Cullompton and marshal the clinics.

Currently there is a lot of discussion about vaccines in the media.  There are two important facts that I think everyone needs to remember.  The first is that the rules governing the introduction of a vaccine have not altered in any way.  All vaccines have to pass each testing stage; current vaccines under consideration are in the final stage but the numbers involved in the trials have been identical to any previous vaccine.  There have been no short cuts.  Recruitment to trials has been easy and so the large numbers needed have been achieved in a much shorter timespan than normal. This leads to the second important point. No vaccine will be released that is not considered safe. You will hear arguments that any new vaccine will not have been used for long enough to know whether it might have long term problems.  This is true but due to the nature of how vaccines work highly unlikely. Vaccines act by priming our own immune systems to work.  They are the equivalent of showing a photofit of a criminal to the police.  There are a variety of ways of doing this but ultimately the success of a vaccine is solely dependent on its ability to correctly pre-warn and arm our own body’s immune system.  They do this within the weeks after the vaccination and so side effects or problems are seen within this time period.  The benefits of a Covid vaccine for everyone will be enormous, the risk for each individual will be extremely low.

We all know Christmas is going to be different this year and the importance of connections with friends, family and community has never been greater.  Trish Jones our Health and Wellbeing coordinator can be contacted on 0748 437 7289 or at silverwellbeing@gmail.com    and Joan Povey (wyndhamsp@gmail.com) is also available for anyone who would like some help setting up or enhancing their internet communication skills.  If you, or anyone you know, would benefit from their help please contact them directly or via the surgery reception.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas.  I am hoping we will be extremely busy with the vaccination programme and that everyone will participate in it.

Anthony O’Brien

Wyndham House Surgery